January 2010

Hi Guys,Mets here. I’m gonna help Abram out with the Blog (as long as he gives meh his ok). I’ll be posting some graphix stuff here.  We’re looking for a graphics guy and authors Please comment here if you like Poptropica.

Thats pretty much it. One graphics guy and one regular author will be selected.


Hello, I am you new king! Bow down to me! Just kidding it’s me, Abram. You may know me from The Poptropican Info Blog poptropicaninfoblog.wordpress.com/ or my other blog Abram’s Random Blog. http://abramsrandomblog.wordpress.com/ I am the new owner of this blog, since White Star left he and Metsfan 21 gave it to me. So thanks guys. This will be a Poptropica informational blog. The name of this blog is The Poptropica Project or tpp for short. I will defenitly need some help. So as of now we are hiring. Please put your submissions in the comments below. That’s is all, bye. Hope you enjoy this blog.